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April 13, 2008


Beth Kanter

Really good question. Don't you think someone will develop a version that can actually set up private groups or work groups? Can it scale?

Adam Cohen

Hi Beth - I hope that twitter will make a leap into an enterprise tool. In order to do that it has to be able to filter or make connections more private in some way. I for one would love for everyone in my company to be on twitter, but to do that we'd have to have a private group to work in and our tweets could not (and should not) be in the public timeline.

Remember the scene in Bruce Almighty when he is responding to prayers via computer? No time to read it all, it just becomes a blur. I'm concerned twitter will become a pool of noise for most users unless there are options to help people manage their connections more appropriately.

Mark Wisniewski

Great post (which I found through Beth's blog)

As far as the question of private tweet groups, Chris Brogan had written about a service: http://grouptweet.com/

adrian Chan

good post adam -- i'm fascinated by this myself, and in fact found you because i'm doing some topical and conversation analysis of twitter... you might find these interesting:



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