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May 21, 2008


Dmitri Gunn

Congratulations Adam on the Alltop listing! Guy knows quality when he sees it. ;-)


Guy Kawasaki

As a point of clarification, our humans do not review the content of every feed's stories constantly. We make a decision to add a feed to a topic and from then on, it's completely automated.



Adam Cohen

Guy - Thanks for the clarification, and again for including my blog on socialmedia.alltop.com!

Albert Maruggi

Adam, you are right and I'd add this for bloggers. Don't think about the audience or what's going to get noticed, then everyone will sound alike, echo chamber.

If you write what's in your head and heart the rest will fall into place. If we get to the point where 10% of the people are telling the other 90% how to become the first 10%, that will be a waste of technology and brain power.

Old model, new technology a pox on both houses. Hell that would be social media's death by a thousand cuts!

All the best,

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